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Solar steam bath? What's It? Print E-mail

 An early spring day. Snow tongues still stretch along the places shadowed by trees and hills. Tidy side of a pond. A big ice hole is cut in the weak ice of a pond. A small log hut as if forgotten by everybody stands in this nature idyll. Strange thing is that one cannot see neither chimney nor electricity lines. At once the thought strucks across one’s mind that this is the hermit’s hut, which has changed  the achievements of civilization to wild life. Coming closer, unwillingly one pays attention to a strange roof. It is covered by some glimmering pipes. Now it provokes an intrigue, driving away the mind about the hermit living here. In ten minutes the purpose of this hut becomes clear. The doors of a secret hut opens and together with the cloud of steam four naked persons rush to the pond and excitingly shouting splash into the cut ice hole. Why, this is  a bathhouse. But how? Neither chimney, nor electricity lead-in to the bathroom heating stove. In order not to disturb them, you go back. But the curiosity does its work: you loose one’s time perception and admiring the wonderful spring evening walk along the precisely hayed lawn still throwing one’s eye onto the strange building on  the pond’s side. At last. From the hut loudly laughing the same four people only dressed in sport clothes turn to the farmstead half kilometer from here. Fearfully you come closer towards them. Greeting. From astonishing look they understand the question. The short phrase follows: a solar bathhouse. A thick-set high colored man introduces himself as a bathhouse master and offers to look around the building. Done - you agree. A bathhouse evaporation is still full of the mild steam, which goes out through the open small vent. And the light there is, too, saying this the thick-set man switches the light on. The bathhouse is cosily lightened. This drives you mad. You feel like a first year pupil, who occurred into the 10th class of physics lesson…
This is not the extract from a dream or fantasy. This picture is dictated by the healthy mind, experiments working with the solar systems. Seeing how the sun collector turns it into the hot geyser of water and steam even at the minus temperature, the thought come up with the idea how to use it not only for producing hot water. All this matter could serve for a large number of people who are spirit close to the steam bathhouse? In such a way Solar steam bathTM – a solar bathhouse idea has come. The bathhouse often stands a bit further from other buildings in the farmsteads or in your own land. Problems arises with the installation of electricity, fuel transportation and its storage. Much efforts must be given to make the bathhouse heated. And here you need only to look after the containers be filled with water. The sun will take care of the bathhouse heating and lightening. No scare of fire. The only thing you need to take is a good mood and enjoy pleasant warmth and mild steam.

 Solar steam bath is designed for hotels, recreation centres that are situated by the water, ponds, pools, lakes etc. It is a multifunctional project, which not only provides to people on the beach very special steam sauna, but it is also the solution for beach sanitary. It makes the impression of environment friendly organisation, and provides the opportunity to offer services directly on the beach, such as small equipment rental point or cosy beach bar.

As it is made from different modules, it can be easily adapted to a customer needs. Solar steam bath can be combined together with shower, WC, dressing room or even a small bar, pantry with towel change - issue machine. 


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